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Trafowerk Creuzburg • Bahnhofstraße 84 • D-99831 Creuzburg



The origin of the Creuzburg transformer plant lies in a company founded in Berlin in 1924, which was mainly active for the broadcasting industry. Winding goods have been developed and manufactured at the Creuzburg site since 1944. Pikatron took over the transformer plant in 1991, built a new company building and continues to produce customer-specific electromagnetic components there.

We see ourselves as one of the leading German manufacturers and suppliers of customer-specific inductive components. An important aspect here is advising our customers and developing tailor-made solutions for your application.

In addition to the high quality of the products, we also want to offer our customers the greatest possible benefit through a flexible response to their scheduling and logistical needs. The aim is to work together in partnership already in the development process - both with customers and suppliers.


Our employees in Creuzburg


Customer-specific inductive components and systems in predominantly manual production:

  • Switching power supply converters
  • HV transformers
  • (Audio) transformer
  • Coils and chokes
  • Antennas and RFID
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Solutions

Customer-specific converters and drive solutions in predominantly manual production:

  • Universal converter
  • Thyristor controller
  • Torque Motors
  • (A-) Synchronous motors
  • Brake chopper
  • Regenerative units
  • Plant controls

Customer-specific EMC components and filter solutions in predominantly manual production:

  • Linefilter
  • DIN rail network filter
  • Signal Filters
  • Filter Capacitors
  • Feedthrough Filters
  • Cabin filter
  • Filter cabinets


We have four locations in Germany (Usingen, Rasdorf, Wuppertal and Creuzburg) and a foreign production facility in the Czech Republic.

Headquarters Usingen

Location Rasdorf

Location Creuzburg

Location Pisek, Tschechien

Location Wuppertal