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Example "Medical technology"

Imaging diagnostics

High-voltage transformers for computed tomography (Photo: Siemens AG), memory chokes for X-ray systems, rotary transformers for rotary anodes of X-ray tubes, assemblies for cathode power supply, chokes for magnetic resonance tomographs, high-blocking feedthrough filters and capacitors for MRI rooms

Medical Devices

Pulse transformers for dosing pumps, coils for ultrasonic generation, mains transformers for cosmetic medical devices, transformers for diagnostic monitoring devices, magnetostrictive actuators for tartar removal, implantable transformers for electroosteosynthesis, miniature coils for hearing aids

Hospital technology

Power transformers for dialysis machines (source: Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA), toroids for the power supply in operating rooms, isolating transformers for medical devices, audio transmitters for headphones in hospital rooms, low leakage current filter for medical devices