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Baked varnish coils


Wire diameter: 0,05 mm .. 2 mm
Dimensions: 1 mm .. 1000 mm
Temperature range: up to 180°C

The Trafowerk Creuzburg manufactures cantilevered coils made of baking wire in all conceivable shapes. In this way, a coil can also be produced in more complex geometries. The applications are manifold: as a transmitting or receiving coil in an RFID application, as a deflection coil in image processing systems or as a coil in an actuator system.


  • Single and multi-layer
  • 2-D or 3-D geometry
  • on request with special insulation properties


The applications of baking coating coils range from measuring systems in industrial electronics to medical technology. They are always used when standard solutions are not good enough for your application.

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