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Power Chokes


Rated power: 100 mVA .. 10 kVA

Inductance: 1µH .. 5 H

Rated current: 10 mA .. 1 kA

Frequency: 16 2/3 Hz .. 1 MHz

Dielectric strength: 100 V .. 10 kV

Whether as a storage choke, 50 Hz mains choke or sinusoidal filter choke, with our compact chokes with low losses you have the product optimally designed for your application. With simulation programs we can calculate the chokes in electrical and thermal parameters. With our many years of experience, we ensure that the constructions are durable and robust.


  • impregnated, with free ends, cable lugs, clamps or for print mounting
  • Protection classes IP20 to IP66
  • Windings with copper wire, strips, flat wires, upright windings, high-frequency strands, copper tubes


Our chokes are used in all areas of industry, in switchgear, railway technology, for renewable energies in medical technology and aviation.

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