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Switching power supply converters


Rated power: 100 mVA .. 10 kVA 
Primary voltage: 1 V .. 1 kV 
Secondary voltage: 1 V .. 1 kV 
Current: 10 mA .. 1 kA 
Frequency: 20 kHz .. 1 MHz
Dielectric strength: 100 V .. 10 kV 

Switching power supply converters have replaced conventional mains transformers in many places. With their high working frequency, the converters can be realized much smaller with comparable power. Converters with outputs of more than 10 kVA are no problem for the trafowerk Creuzburg. An optimized winding structure ensures trouble-free operation with maximum efficiency.

trafowerk Creuzburg develops and manufactures all common converter types: reverse converters, flow converters, push-pull converters and resonance converters. Of course, we also offer the right chokes for buck converters, boost converters and power factor pre-controls (PFC).


  • Core shape: toroidal cores, E, EP, ER, ETD, EFD, P, PM and RM cuts
  • Core material: ferrites, magnetic powder materials, iron-nickel materials and amorphous metals
  • Winding material: wire, strand, high frequency strand (HF) and foil
  • Connections: leaded (THT), surface mountable (SMD) and free ends
  • Construction: open, impregnated, encapsulated, in flat construction, as a multi-chamber structure and with static shields between the windings


The applications of switching power supply converters range from industrial electronics, traffic and environmental technology to medical technology. They are always used when standard solutions are not good enough for your application.

Ask our engineers and technicians for the customer-specific solution for your task!