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Toroidal transformers


Rated power: 100 mVA .. 2 kVA
Primary voltage: 1 V .. 1 kV
Secondary voltage: 1V .. 2 kV
Rated current: 10 mA .. 1 kA
Frequency: 16 2/3 Hz .. 400 Hz
Dielectric strength: 100 V .. 10 kV

Toroidal core network transformers are the compact alternative to the normal mains transformer. They are characterized by high efficiency and low stray field. Trafowerk Creuzburg manufactures toroidal transformers in many designs: from simple transformers to shielded transformers in high-end versions.


  • open or encapsulated design
  • free ends, solder connections
  • optionally with temperature protection
  • static and magnetic shielding


The applications of toroidal transformers at trafowerk Creuzburg range from audio technology, industrial electronics, traffic and environmental technology to medical technology. They are always used when standard solutions are not good enough for your application.

Ask our engineers and technicians for the customer-specific solution for your task!

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